AF Drinks Vs. Lyre's | Non Alcoholic Cocktail Review (With Results!)

AF Drinks Vs. Lyre's | Non Alcoholic Cocktail Review (With Results!)

If you are a non alcoholic cocktail lover, or even just looking to find the right brand, you’ve found the right place. We'll be comparing two of the top brands in the NZ non alcoholic cocktail market - AF Drinks and Lyre's. Whether you love a classic G&T or looking to try something more unique, we've got you covered in this comparison. Let’s dive further into the world of alcohol free cocktails and find out once and for all where the best non alcoholic cocktails come from!

What Is AF Drinks?

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AF Drinks is a New Zealand-based company that produces an amazing range of non-alcoholic cocktail options with the trademarked Afterglow effect. They use natural ingredients and focus on creating drinks that replicate the real kick that you would find in alcoholic cocktails. AF Drinks aims to provide a sexy and sophisticated alternative to alcohol, with a great range of non-alcoholic RTDs.

What Is Lyre's Non Alcoholic Cocktails?

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Lyre's is a brand creating great tasting non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails originating from Australia. They offer a similar offering to AF Drinks, Lyre's uses natural flavors and extracts to create their products and give an alternative for those who choose not to drink alcohol.

What Are Non Alcoholic Cocktails?

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Non-alcoholic cocktails (AKA mocktails) are drinks that replicate traditional cocktails but contain no alcohol - that’s all! Non-alcoholic cocktails are becoming increasingly popular, as people are seeking alternatives to alcohol for various reasons such as looking to reduce sugar intake, or enjoy something other than fizzy on a night out with friends.

AF Drinks Vs. Lyre's - Non Alcoholic Cocktail Comparison

When it comes to non-alcoholic cocktails, both AF Drinks and Lyre's offer a wide range of options as well as a kick to their drinks (e.g. AF Drink’s Afterglow effect). Let’s dive into the comparisons!

AF Drinks Dark & Stormy vs Lyre's Dark & Spicy

Firstly, AF Drinks' Dark & Stormy contains spiced rum, lime, and ginger ale providing a solid kick. The Lyre's Dark & Spicy is made with their very own Spiced Cane Spirit, ginger ale, and lime zest. Both drinks are very similar in ingredients, with them both including the ginger and lime kick. However, Lyre's Dark & Spicy has a more complex flavor thanks to the addition of their very own Spiced Cane Spirit.


The Verdict: The AF Drinks Dark & Stormy was great, and personally this is a go-to after a long day working - I just love the refreshing kick. However, I also have to acknowledge that Lyre's Dark & Spicy had slightly more flavor. I would give AF Drinks a 4.7/5 and Lyre's a 4.9/5 but both are great!

AF Drinks Grapefruit G&T vs Lyre's G&T

AF Drinks' Grapefruit G&T is made with grapefruit and rose, while Lyre's G&T is made with juniper and citrus. Both drinks have a classic G&T taste. 

The Verdict: I enjoyed both the AF Drinks Grapefruit G&T and Lyre's G&T, However, the AF Drinks version has a strong grapefruit flavour and is something out of the box which works great for a refreshing alcohol free pick me up. I would give AF Drinks a 4.8/5 and Lyre's a 4.1.

AF Drinks Apero Spritz vs Lyre's Amalfi Spritz

AF Drinks' Apero Spritz is made with orange liqueur, prosecco, club soda, and botanicals, while Lyre's Amalfi Spritz is made with bittersweet orange and rich peach flavours with fresh orange complex rhubarb and elderflower perfectly to finish dry and deliciously refreshing. Both drinks have a refreshing citrus flavor and are perfect for summer. Honestly, this was a tough one.

The Verdict: Both the AF Drinks Apero Spritz and Lyre's Amalfi Spritz were delicious and refreshing. I would give AF Drinks a 5/5 and Lyre's a 5/5. This was a tie!

AF Drinks Classic G&T vs Lyre's Classico

AF Drinks' Classic G&T is made with juniper, quinine, a crisp spritz of lemon and Afterglow, while Lyre's Classico is made with a soft richness of pear, peach and red apple on the palate to taste. Both drinks have a classic G&T taste that is very difficult to differentiate from their alcoholic alternative.

The Verdict: I would give the AF Drinks Classic G&T a 4/5 and the Lyre's Classico a 5/5.

Overall Decision

Overall, I am in love with both of these brands and their non-alcoholic cocktails. My personal favorites were the Lyre's Dark & Spicy and the AF Drinks Apero Spritz, but all the alcohol free cocktails I tried were delicious. But there must be a decision…

What’s the verdict? AF Drinks Or Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Cocktails?

Whether you're looking to cut back on drinking alcohol or just want to try what a non alcoholic drink tastes like, AF Drinks and Lyre's are both great brands to consider, offering arguable the best alcohol free alternatives in New Zealand and Australia. Based on the results, Lyre’s successfully pulls through with 0.5 difference compared with AF Drinks. However, they really are both great and worth trying, and everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to non alcoholic drinks.

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If you're interested in trying AF Drinks, I would recommend their Apero Spritz and Dark & Stormy. For Lyre's, their Dark & Spicy and Classico are great choices, too. However, definitely try the rest of their range out because you won’t be left disappointed. Shop AF Drinks & Lyre’s now.

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