Are Alcohol-Free Drinks Really Alcohol Free?

Are Alcohol-Free Drinks Really Alcohol Free?

Do alcohol free drinks still have alcohol?

The trend for healthier, more mindful drinking has given rise to a massive range of alcohol-free options. But when a label says "alcohol-free," what does it actually mean? This article aims to unveil the truth behind the term and help you make more informed choices.

The Labelling

In New Zealand, beverages containing the label "alcohol-free" must contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Bananas also have ABV. For example, a ripe banana will yield an ABV of 0.2%, while a very ripe banana has an ABV value of 0.4% - nearly the same as a non-alcoholic beer!

Why Not 0.0%?

You might wonder why these drinks can't be completely devoid of alcohol. The reason lies in the production process. Even when brewers aim for zero alcohol, natural fermentation or the cooking process can introduce trace amounts.

The Impact

The negligible amount of alcohol in these drinks are unlikely to get you intoxicated or affect your motor skills.

How to Be Sure

If you need to be absolutely certain there is no alcohol in your beverage, look for options that are explicitly labelled as "0.0% ABV." Moreover, you can opt for beverages that are inherently alcohol-free, such as mocktails.

Health and Caloric Consideration

While alcohol-free drinks are lower in calories and alcohol content, they often contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners. If health is a concern, always check the nutritional label.

Round up

So, are alcohol-free drinks really alcohol-free? Technically, no but the amount of alcohol is minimal. It's essential to consider your personal circumstances and requirements when choosing to go the "alcohol-free" route.

By understanding the nuances in labelling and production, you can make a choice that aligns with your lifestyle and beliefs.

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