Beers Without The Booze: Why More People Are Turning to Alcohol-Free Drinks In 2023

Beers Without The Booze: Why More People Are Turning to Alcohol-Free Drinks In 2023

Why More People Are Turning to Alcohol-Free Drinks In 2023

The trend of alcohol-free drinks in New Zealand is forever growing, and it's not just among die hard fans anymore, everyone can enjoy a cold one on a hot day. Why is this happening, and what does it mean for both breweries and consumers? Let's explore.

The Health Conscious Consumer

As health and wellness trends come and go, more people are conscious of their alcohol consumption. Alcohol-free beers help you enjoy social gatherings without needing a cheat day or missing the gym the next day.

Mindful Drinking Movement

Mindful drinking is not about quitting alcohol altogether but about understanding its effects and making deliberate choices. Alcohol-free options fit seamlessly into this narrative, allowing people to socialise and enjoy the ritual of having a drink without the potential negative consequences.

Broadening the Market

Traditionally, non-alcoholic options were limited and often stigmatised. The new wave of alcohol-free beers offers flavours and complexities that rival their alcoholic counterparts. This shift has helped remove the stigma around choosing a non-alcoholic beverage. A good example of this is the Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout winning overseas awards competing against alcoholic beverages.

More Inclusive Social Settings

Pop a can of alcohol-free beer and enjoy the party with your mates without having to hide the fizzy. The non-alcoholic movement has created a more inviting environment for everyone.

Future of Alcohol-Free Beers

As consumers become more health-conscious and mindful, the demand for alcohol-free options is likely to continue growing. This trend is a win-win, offering more choices for consumers in New Zealand while pushing breweries to innovate and diversify their product lines.

Round Up

From health-conscious millennials to those looking for more inclusive social options, alcohol-free beers are rapidly gaining popularity for a multitude of reasons. As technological advances make these beers increasingly indistinguishable from their alcoholic counterparts, non-alcoholic beer is here to stay.

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