Can 0.0% Alcohol Get You Drunk? Unpacking the Myth

Can 0.0% Alcohol Get You Drunk? Unpacking the Myth

Can 0.0 alcohol get you drunk?

As more people turn to healthier lifestyles, the demand for non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverages has surged. But does a drink labelled 0.0% alcohol still have the ability to get you drunk? Let's dive into the science and the psychology to find out.

The Science Behind 0.0% Alcohol

In New Zealand, a beverage labelled as "0.0% ABV" (Alcohol by Volume) means it contains no detectable levels of ethanol, the chemical responsible for causing intoxication. This means that a 0.0% ABV beverage, from a scientific standpoint, has a very low possibility of getting you drunk.

The Manufacturing Process

0.0% ABV drinks are manufactured to remove or avoid any alcohol content. Methods such as vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis are used to ensure that the final product is free of ethanol. These methods help consumers enjoy the taste of 0.0% ABV drinks without worrying about getting drunk.

The Placebo Effect

While the science is clear, human psychology can add an interesting twist to the mix.
Some people have reported feeling tipsy or light-headed after drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. This can be chalked-up to the placebo effect. Essentially, if you strongly believe that you should feel some level of intoxication, your mind may trick you into experiencing those sensations.

Nutritional Considerations

Although you won't get drunk, it's worth mentioning that 0.0% ABV beverages can still contain sugar and calories. If consumed excessively, they can lead to other health implications, such as weight gain or blood sugar spikes.

Legal Implications

In New Zealand, 0.0% ABV means that the beverage contains no detectable levels of alcohol. However, if you're planning to drive, it's vital to confirm that you're consuming a genuinely non-alcoholic beverage, as government laws vary around this topic.

Round up

Even though it's true that 0.0% alcohol beverages cannot get you physically drunk, the power of the mind can sometimes convince us that we are experiencing some minor effects. It’s always good to be aware of your body's responses, understand the ingredients you're consuming, and know the regulations surrounding consumption. 

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