Difference between alcoholic and alcohol free drinks

Differences between alcoholic and alcohol free drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks were once just an alternative to drinking and didn't rival the taste of their alcoholic counter-part. Today, however, alcohol-free drinks are changing the game, tasting just as great as alcoholic beverages, if not better! This blog talks about the difference between alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, and the results might surprise you!

Alcohol Content

Alcoholic beverages contain alcohol by volume (ABV) ranging between 1.15% to 40%+. This is what often contributes to the "buzz" that comes with the booze. Alcohol-free drinks, on the other hand, have significantly low or zero percent alcohol, allowing consumers that choice to seek the experience without the alcohol content.

Flavour Profile

When it comes to flavour, non-alcoholic beverages have made significant strides in mimicking the taste of alcoholic ones. For instance, non-alcoholic ciders are often reported to taste quite close to traditional ciders. However, subtle nuances will always separate the two.

Nutritional Aspects

Non-alcoholic options are usually seen as the healthier choice due to their lower calorie and alcohol content. It's crucial to note however, that some may contain high levels of sugar or artificial additives, so having a quick look at nutritional labels before consumption is a good idea.

Psychological and Physical Effects

Alcoholic drinks often cause relaxation, lowered inhibitions, and even euphoria, thanks to their level of alcohol content. Non-alcoholic beverages are starting to incorporate herbs and vitamins that offer a "dopamine kick," simulating the feel-good “buzz” that comes from drinking alcoholic drinks. 

Evolving Consumer Preferences

The increasing popularity of alcohol-free options indicates a broader cultural shift. With the trend leaning towards mindful consumption, alcohol-free beverages are becoming the first choice for many.

Round up

Although non-alcoholic beverages can’t technically get you drunk like alcoholic drinks can, it give consumers the choice of a healthier option, without compromising on the taste, functionality, or even the “buzz” that comes with drinking the night away with your closest mates. It allows consumers to have a good time, for a long time.

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