How to Pair Alcohol Free (AF) Drinks with Food for the Best Experience

How to Pair Alcohol Free (AF) Drinks with Food for the Best Experience

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Alcohol Free (AF) Drinks Paired With The Right Food Can Blow Your Mind

Pairing food with bevvies is a true art that can elevate flavours and your overall dining experience. While alcohol has traditionally been the go-to choice for food pairings. Wine, we’re looking at you. The growing popularity of AF (alcohol-free) drinks present a gap to explore new and exciting combos. In this blog, we’ll provide some tips and tricks for pairing AF drinks with food to create a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Consider The Flavour Profiles Of Your Alcohol-Free Drink

Think about the flavour profiles of both the drink and dish. Aim to create combos that complement each other OR are at a contrast. For example, the refreshing AF Drinks Cucumber G&T pair super well with a light, citrusy salad, while a fruity and sweet non alcoholic cocktail would pair well with a bold and flavoursome curry. We would definitely recommend the AF Drinks Apero Spritz for this.

Balance Sweetness and Acidity With Your AF Drink

Achieving the right balance between sweet and bitter is pretty crucial for a successful food and drink combo. For instance, a sweet drink such as Lyre’s Classico non alcoholic cocktail can help to counteract the acidity of a tomato-based pasta dish. Alternatively, an acidic citrus-infused mocktail can complement and enhance the flavours of a rich and creamy dessert…anyone hungry yet?

Pair Textures With Your Non Alcoholic Drink

The texture of your drink can play a big role in creating a harmonious pairing with good. Light, effervescent AF drinks such as a sparkling mocktail can provide a pleasant contrast to heavier rice dishes, while a smooth, velvety AF drink, like an AF stout, pairs well with a hearty comforting meat and 3-veggies kinda meal. We would definitely recommend the Big Drop Brewing Co Milk Stout to quench your thirst for this one.

Consider the Occasion For Your Non Alcoholic Drink Fix

Consider the ambience, the atmosphere of the venue. For a cash barbeque, a light and refreshing AF beer, like Big Drop Brewing Co.’s Pine Trail Pale Ale, can be an ideal match for grilled meat and veggies. For a more formal do, an elegant mocktail can elevate the dining experience when paired with gourmet dishes. Elta Ego mocktails are perfect for your social events. 

Are You Ready To Party With Your AF Drinks NZ?

Pairing AF drinks and food can be super fun and rewarding, and makes you feel VERY cultured. By considering flavour profiles, balancing acidity and sweetness, matching textures and taking into account the venue, you can create memorable and enjoyable dining experiences for all. What’s more to love?

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