State Of Play IPA Beer Review | Alcohol-Free Beer Review

State Of Play IPA Beer Review | Alcohol-Free Beer Review

Sate Of Play Beer (IPA) | Alcohol Free Beer

What Is State Of Play IPA

State of Play is a non-alcoholic IPA beer that is brewed in New Zealand. The brand promises to prioritize taste above all else, and they aim to deliver a full-flavoured beer, they were also the first New Zealand non alcoholic brewery to open! With its low alcohol content of <0.5%, State of Play is perfect for those who love great tasting beer without the alcohol, but with the same kick.

What Does State Of Play Taste Like

State of Play IPA has a great flavour profile, with a delicate blend of New Zealand hop bitterness and Canterbury malt in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, NZ. The beer has a crisp and fresh finish that leaves a subtle hop aftertaste. Personally, I could drink this beer everyday and never get bored!

What I Like About State Of Play

I love the fact that State Of Play IPA is a dedicated non alcoholic free beer brewery. The beer was one of the first I tried when I turned to non alcoholic beers, and it’s definitely in my top three.

Things To Consider With This Alcohol Free Beer

If you're a fan of hoppy beers, then State of Play IPA is a great choice for you. Obviously, some people may find the low alcohol content to be a miss when compared to alcoholic drinks, but the flavour is exactly the same as a great craft beer. 

Final Thoughts Of State Of Play

In conclusion, State of Play IPA is a formidable foe when compared to other non alcoholic beers on the market. If you love a full-flavoured alcohol-free beer, stop reading and try this alcohol free beer now. The great flavour profile, low alcohol content, and high quality make this beer a go-to option in the New Zealand non-alcoholic beer market. So, if you're looking for a hoppy, refreshing beer that doesnt compromise on taste, then State of Play is definitely worth a try!

Where Can I Buy State Of Play IPA?

You can purchase the State Of Play IPA at our site, here.

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