What is Non-Alcoholic Cider and How is it Made?

What is Non-Alcoholic Cider and How is it Made?

Cider has been a beloved beverage for centuries, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional beers and spirits. But not everyone wants the alcohol content that usually accompanies this classic drink. Enter non-alcoholic cider: the same refreshing flavor profile, without the hangover. We'll delve into what non-alcoholic cider is and how it's made.

What is Non-Alcoholic Cider?
Non-alcoholic cider is a beverage made primarily from the juice of apples, similar to its alcoholic counterpart. The key difference lies in the fermentation process, where either no fermentation occurs, or the alcohol is later removed. This results in a drink that captures the essence of apples while being inclusive to those who avoid alcohol.


How is Non-Alcoholic Cider Made?
Traditional Method
Harvesting and Sorting: The process starts with the collection of apples, ideally a mix of sweet, tart, and bitter varieties to create a balanced flavor.

Washing and Crushing: The apples are washed and then crushed to produce apple pulp.

Pressing: The pulp is pressed to extract the juice, which is then filtered to remove any remaining solids.

Pasteurisation: The juice is often pasteurised to kill off any harmful bacteria and to extend the shelf life of the cider.

Flavor Adjustment: At this stage, additional flavors and sweeteners may be added.

Bottling and Sealing: The final non-alcoholic cider is bottled and sealed, ready for consumption.

Alcohol Removal Method
Initial Fermentation: Similar to traditional cider, apples are harvested, crushed, and pressed to extract juice. This juice is fermented to produce alcohol.

Alcohol Removal: Using methods like vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis, the alcohol is then removed from the cider.

Flavor Restoration: Removing alcohol can also remove some flavors. These are added back manually to maintain the cider's original profile.

Bottling and Sealing: The now non-alcoholic cider is bottled and sealed.

Why Choose Non-Alcoholic Cider?

  1. It's a great option for those who abstain from alcohol for health, religious, or personal reasons.
  2. Generally, non-alcoholic ciders contain fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts.
  3. Non-alcoholic cider can be enjoyed at any time of day and is also great for cooking and cocktails.

Non-alcoholic cider offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation, appealing to a wide array of consumers. Whether you're using traditional methods or modern techniques for alcohol removal, the end product is a refreshing, versatile beverage that can be enjoyed by all. Cheers!

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