The Best 12 Kiwi Non Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy This Summer in 2023

The Best 12 Kiwi Non Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy This Summer in 2023

Best Non Alcoholic Drinks To Drink in NZ This Summer (2023)

The end of the year is in full swing, and with it comes the "silly season", known for its long days boozing it up with family and friends in the sun and plenty of BBQ to go around. 

But if you want to stay sharp this summer, while still enjoying that drink, or three, New Zealand's non-alcoholic drink market is ready to serve you a few spectacular drinks. There's a growing demand for zero alcohol alternatives to everyone’s favourite booze, and we’re glad to say that you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Here are the 12 best alcohol free drinks for the summer that you can’t miss out on.

Top 6 Non Alcoholic Beers To Drink This Summer

Garage Project Tiny Hazy IPA

The Garage Project Tiny Hazy IPA is a must-try if you haven’t already. This alcohol-free beer is indistinguishable to alcoholic beer, making it a great entry-level beer that’s packed full of flavour.

Buy Garage Project Tiny Hazy IPA here.


Bach Brewing IPA

Bach Brewing has three amazing alcohol-free beers, an IPA, hazy IPA, and Pilsner. We recommend trying all of the Bach Brewing alcohol free options, with an emphasis on their non-alcoholic IPA. The flavour profile is very similar to an alcoholic IPA, with the added benefit of waking up with a clear head the next morning.

Buy Bach Brewing IPA here.


State Of Play IPA

The State Of Play is another great household staple to have, so be sure to buy it by the case as you’ll be drinking the whole lot! This beer is perfect for when you’re out in the sun, or just come back after hitting the beach. A hot day must-have. 

Buy State Of Play IPA here.


Vandestreek Playground IPA

Vanderstreek’s Playground IPA is very flavourful and produced in the Netherlands. This IPA is another contender for the best alcohol-free IPA with bold flavours. I thoroughly recommend you try this non-alcoholic beer this summer.

Buy Vandestreek Playground IPA Here.


Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

I’m not the biggest fan of XPA’s, but the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is definitely an exception. Similar to a pale ale, the alcohol-free XPA is crisp and light, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Buy Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Here.


Garage Project Tiny XPA

I can’t say no to a Garage Project non-alcoholic beer. As soon as it was released, it was a favourite. It is definitely on-par with the original Garage Project Tiny Hazy IPA, and if you loved that one, then this one needs to be on your Christmas List.

Best Alcohol Free Ciders To Drink This Summer

Zeffer 0% Apple Cider

Zeffer have done non alcoholic cider justice with their 0% apple cider. It’s crisp, refreshing, packed full of flavour. You wouldn’t be able to tell it was non-alcoholic. This is one to buy by the case and hoard to yourself.

Buy Zeffer 0% Apple Cider Here.


Zeffer 0% Passionfruit Cider

If you like your cider a little on the fruity side, this alcohol-free passionfruit cider would be the perfect fit for you. Try it today. Click here to learn about what makes these two non alcoholic ciders great.

Buy Zeffer 0% Passionfruit Cider Here.

Top 4 Alcohol Free RTDs To Drink This Summer

AF Drinks Apero Spritz

AF Drinks is one of New Zealand’s best non alcoholic RTDs. The sweet citrus drink is to be enjoyed cold, ideally on ice. A great option for hot summer days with mates outside.

Buy AF Drinks Apero Spritz Here.


Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz

The Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz is the AF Drinks Apero Spritz counter-part. This orange flavoured non-alcoholic RTD is refreshing, and to be enjoyed any day of the week.

Click here to find out how the AF Drinks Apero Spritz comares with the Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz.

Buy Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz Here.


Elta Ego Mojito

If you LOVE mojitos, you have to try Elta Ego’s spectacular mocktail. It’s most definitely a dream come true and deserves to be shared with friends and family. Another alcohol-free drink to be bought by the box, just be sure to grab an extra one to hide away!

Buy Elta Ego Mojito Here.


Lyre’s Malt & Cola

My personal favourite, the Lyre’s Malt and Cola is the best non-alcoholic cola and whiskey alternative that I’ve tried, ever. 

I’m enjoying multiple cans of this per night, so it’s another one to stock up in. If you know someone who loves their cola, this will be a great surprise for them.

Buy Lyre’s Malt & Cola Here.

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